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TC systems

Nowadays a modern TC system has to be powerful and cost-effective on the one hand. On the other hand it should be an investment, which pays off in future for your telecommunication infrastructure. The great variety of modern telephone systems with several extensions enables individual opportunities for every company. With the new VoIP solutions you can optimize your work processes. We use telephone systems manufactured by Mitel (Ascotel, OpenCom, MiVoice Office 400, SMB Controller), Agfeo, Auerswald, AVM, Gigaset and bintec elmeg.

Telephones and mobile devices

Simple handling of devices together with growing functionality is of importance today. The value of telephone systems is judged by the owner depending on the telephones. System telephones enable the full use of functions like engaged and status indications of extensions, quickly to be put call forwardings and much more. Also with telephones for your home and small offices you can work with system codes on the extensions and control your system with this. If you only require a few devices, today's analogue and digital devices have a number of functions like broking, conference and the choice of the outbound way of connection (landline, internet, GSM etc.). Miniaturization and integration of additional functions can be seen very clearly in the field of mobile phones. Mobiles, especially so called Smartphones or PDAs enable synchronization of your data with the server or PC or access to them while travelling. Industry has also recognized the need for simple devices, optimized in design and handling. No matter which requirements you may have, Kunschner Kommunikationstechnik consults you individually.


We offer planning, implementation/ installation and maintenance of data networks (LAN, WLAN, Hot Spots). Here we use among others the products of HP, HPE or Lancom.


For simple and safe working with your information and communications systems we put your work stations together according to your individual needs (BTC).

Unified Communications and CTI

Centralize your communication and make calls, e-mails, faxes, voice mails accessible from every location within your company; this is also possible by secured connections from outside. Unified Communication systems (UCS), email and fax servers and telephoning with the help of the computers (CTI) support you efficiently when working.

Additional services

Customer service with special telephone numbers is very important for your business. Let your customers call vanity numbers. They will not forget them. Furthermore you can offer your customers nice information and service numbers. Your support or other services with 0900 numbers can be invoiced via the telephone bill of your customers. We can help you with this through our professional staff. No matter, if you want to start a short-term service or a permanent one, e.g. let your customers get through to you by an external secretary. We can also offer you telephone information and language detecting devices on your or our site.

Product Range

- TC systems
- Telephones and mobile devices
- Networks
- Computers
- Unified Communications and CTI
- Additional services


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